E-Box is a Technology Enabled Active Learning and Assessment platform for technology and engineering domains.Apart from the basic LMS components like quizzes, assignments, lesson components, resource components etc, it has numerous activity components pertaining to technology and engineering concepts that could be used for design and analysis oriented learning. These components are also used for assessing the design and analysis skills of candidates, apart from the regular knowledge level testing.

S-Box is a comprehensive heterogenous sensor data processing engine capable of crunching Hyper-Dimensional data to derive sensible knowledge metrices. The engine provides a generic framework for any IoT service provider with a centralised and powerful processing core with real time scalable processing capability. It also provide a facility to organise the knowledge base with a easily accessible query framework for intelligence discovery and deployment. S-Box is a beautifully carved engine for various structured and unstructured data processing services like Space Data, Security Data, Health Data, Transportation & Logistic Data, Finance and Banking Data, Education Data, Agri Data, Web Data, Social Data etc. The ease of use APIs and Interfaces makes it a comprehensiveness processing core.

D-Box is an Intelligence Discovery and Deployment Engine capable of inferring domain specific intelligence from Knowledge Base. The engine provides a seemless integration with application for intwlligent agent deployment for processing, storage, coordination and interfacing with users. D-Box works in cohesion with S-Box to provide powerful intelligence services to applications from various domains. D-Box provides a framework for easy integration and service delivery. S-Box and D-Box together forms a powerful core for intelligent IOT applications.