Our Services

We believe in building success out of ideas. We have proved our expertise in converting ideas into products, ideas into reality and ideas into business. We partner with our clients in Developing disruptive and game changing products Maximizing their commercial success Working towards increasing customer delight

Data & Analysis

Data Analysis is not just about handling a set of tools. It requires deeper expertise to apply concepts and math to dive into extracting the patterns and knowledge. We hold that expertise to handle and extract pattern from data spread in a Hyper-Dimensional space. We hold thorough knowledge and skills to provide end to end data analytics service from requirement understanding to solution providing to diving deep into data to extracting knowledge packets to summarising and porting the visualisations into your applications. Our expertise is exhibited through our products like S-Box and D-Box. If you are looking for a genuine Data Analytics services, then Amphisoft is the Company you should be looking for. We exhibit our capability through our products and not just through words or claims.

Big Data Computing

Many applications lack scalability. Big Data Computing services is not just about Hadoop, it's about distributed computing and storage. It's not just about handling data it's also about the computational blocks remodeled into a distributed processing structure. If you are a company generating or holding VLDBs but slowed down and unscaled applications , then do not hold with it. There's lot more we can do for you. We can remodel your entire application to suit a big data computing environment. Understand the bottlenecks and loopholes that causes scalability and provide you the best architecture to cake your application and business. Our expertise in scalability and big data is exhibited with our products like E-Box.

ML & AI Consulting

ML and AI is not about using Python or tensorflow libraries. It's about solving a problem methodically by applying appropriate ML Algorithms and AI techniques. Adding intelligence into your existing application/platform/product requires a blended expertise of application architecting and a thorough research experience in AI & ML domain. Amphisoft provides you the blend with teams formed of knowledge required for real time modelling, and realising the model into an intelligent application or AI driven business.

Cloud Computing

Until and unless you deal with a product that runs on a scale, you would always lack the experience of using the cloud effectively for scalable and computationally intensive applications. And re-architecting your product to suit scalable business and cloud deployment is another challenge that you may face unless you have multiple years of experience on scalable product deployment, cloud architecting and effective cloud management for optimising cost. Amphisoft holds all these experiences through its live scaled up S/W products, S/W engines and S/W platforms. Amphisoft would be the apt company to outsource your software product engineering needs and gather consultancies for quickening your product development process.

L & D Consulting

Our first S/W engine is E-Box. This is world's largest education automation platform powered by the ML and AI engines like S-Box and D-Box. We have E-Box powering learning and development process of many top corporates, universities, colleges and schools. We have over 15 years of experience in technology enabled education and learning. If you are looking forward to transform your L&D or education process into a meaningful practice oriented ecosystem then Amphisoft is the best partner to obtain the consultancy.

Product Development

All our products have been built using Java and JS technologies. We hold a complete full stack expertise in architecting and building huge products through an agile methodology. We are known for our fast tracked and quality deliverables. If you are looking forward to convert your ideas or solutions into products and see it through in fast track mode, then Amphisoft is the company you need to speak to, and we shall help your ideas to come true as beautiful S/W products and services. Our S/W engines and products that are built with all the modern technology frameworks speaks for itself.